We run a range of clinics. For an appointment or further details, please call us on 01494 675303.

Antenatal Appointments

This service is run by the midwives. If you become pregnant, you will be offered a ‘booking appointment’ at your home when the midwife will ask you a few questions and carry out some general health checks.

You will be seen regularly throughout your pregnancy either here at the practice or at the local hospital, or both.

Well Baby Clinic

Wednesday 2.00 – 3.30pm (most weeks)

All new babies are invited for regular check-ups from six weeks old. These clinics are run by our health visitors.

Minor Surgery

Organised with Dr Brown and Dr Kinsey by appointment.


Morning clinic by appointment.

Stop Smoking

Run by Nurse Jo, these appointments give advice and support to patients trying to give up smoking. We also have an excellent district nursing service which can be contacted via the practice.

Family Planning

Run by Nurse Jo during her regular sessions, these appointments provide family planning advice and repeat prescriptions.


We have a chiropodist with us every Tuesday morning. This is a private service and can be booked via reception.

Minor Illness

Nurse Jo runs this clinic for all patients over five years of age every Monday and Friday morning. Here she will examine and treat conditions such as coughs and colds, sore throats, rashes, earache, tummy ache, diarrhoea and vomiting, eye complaints, sprains and strains, urinary symptoms etc.

Travel Clinic

Available with one of our nursing team by appointment.

Yellow Fever – Including certificate £60.00
Duplicate certificate £10.00
Hepatitis B – course of 3 £144.00
Rabies – course of 3 £165.00
Meningitis ACWY £55.00
Japanese Encheph – course of 2 £178.00
Tick Borne Encheph – course of 3 £195.00
Malaria – private prescription £15.00

These are subject to change.

Infectious Diseases

Disease Normal Incubation Period (In Days) Period Of Communicability Minimal Period Of Exclusion
Chickenpox 1 – 7 from 1 day before to 6 days after appearance of rash 6 days from onset of rash
German Measles (Rubella) 14 – 21 from a few days before to 4 days after onset of rash 4 days from onset of rash
Measles 10 – 15 from a few days before to 4 days after onset of rash 4 days from onset of rash until clinical recovery
Mumps 18 – 21 from 7 days before onset of symptoms to subsidence of swelling Until swelling has subsided (7 days minimum)
Whooping Cough 7 – 10 from 7 days after exposure to 21 days after onset of paroxysmal cough 21 days from onset of paroxysmal cough. If treated with antibiotics 7 days or until child is well again