Changes to Ordering of Repeat Prescriptions

Many patients have a ‘repeat prescription’ meaning that they can regularly receive certain medication without having to see their doctor each time. Some people order these repeat prescriptions themselves. Others choose to use a pharmacy or dispensing company to order medicines on their behalf. Depending on how you request your medicines, the way that is works for you may change from 1 August 2018.

Buckinghamshire CCG are stopping community pharmacies from directly re-ordering repeat prescriptions. The reason for this change is so that the patient is in more control of their medication and will only be supplied with the items that they need, in an effort to reduce medication wastage. The CCG feel that this could save up to £660,000 a year across Buckinghamshire, which could be invested into other health services.

You can find further information in Buckinghamshire CCG’s patient letter.

Changes-to-Ordering-Repeat-Medication-_Patient-Letter – July 2018